Planning to live in an rv? Our top tips

When making the transition to full time living in an RV, we found that there are so many paths people take, each for their own reason.

At the start of this journey, we had no idea what was in store. All we knew was that the time to do something was now & we wanted a change. With different factors in play, we planned to set out on a 6 month road trip to dip our toes in the water & see what is was all about.

As the halfway point of our trip is quickly approaching we are starting to reflect on how we got to this point in this journey.

How we planned for six months, our top tips;

Set a leave date

Having a final goal in mind helps with the list of never ending tasks that you need to complete before hitting the road. Someday will never happen. As the date gets closer, the faster and more diligent you work to achieve the goal!

Create a schedule

If you are like us and are going to be traveling for certain periods of time with certain areas that you want to see, a schedule is a definite must! I spent hours upon hours creating our schedule. You can use it too below!

Tip: We travel about twice a week, this is a lot! We are able to do this because we don’t have kids, we don’t have much constraint around when we work & we know there is an end to the crazy pace we have created for ourselves. Take a test run, vacation for a week and move a bit, determine what your tolerance is for it.

Be flexible

On the flip side of a schedule, there will always be hiccups. We have been fortunate enough to not miss out on any big destinations but sometimes the stops along the way get thrown the wayside due to a popped tire or bad internet. Being flexible has made this journey way more enjoyable.

Living in an RV was maybe never the end goal, the idea of location independence always was and this was a means to do it. But it was:

Affordable: We purchased a 1995 RV and tow our Jeep that we already had. We put minimal budget into renovations in order to spend money on things like back up cameras & updating some functionality for boondocking.

Dog friendly:Leaving the pups behind wasn’t an option & there are very few places it is easy to take two 70 lb dogs with. That left us with somewhere we can drive!

Flexible: This option allowed us flexibility, the ease to fly home if something happened, cut the trip short if different priorities arose or extend the trip if that was our next step.

For this reason, we still have a “homebase” in Minneapolis & we are not sure we are ready to give that up. Luckily, it is being rented out so we are not paying extra to hold onto it. Micah runs a business out of the city, all of our friends and family are in the area & we truly love the state. Just not in the late winter & we really want to see the world while we can!

Maybe you are looking at truly going full time or taking off during the summers. There are a lot more factors that go into that decision as well. The biggest thing we have learned is that it is all possible! Road trip, full-time, part time. Whatever works for you and your family is going to be what is best!

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