The 3 pieces of technology you need in your RV

Buying a 1995 motorhome meant there was a lot that was outdated. Including the technology. There are three pieces of technology that we put into our rig that have made life on the road so much easier.

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Micah doesn’t like how Bailey gives directions. Bailey doesn’t like how Micah takes directions. There was a really good solution to this problem. A GPS. We did a lot of research on the RV specific GPS systems and determined for the price the reviews & features were not worth it. We went with a standard GPS and love it. Check out the specs here on Amazon. We bought the refurbished option and have had no problems with it.

We use other apps to fill the gaps since we don’t have the RV version, you can check those out here.

Back up cam:

30 feet + a tow is a lot to move around. Having a better idea of where your rig is and if the tow is still attached (I hope so!) has been key. We thought that we may not need to camera but I think we would buy it over and over again now that we have it. Even if you are in a smaller rig, it is so helpful to have when you are in a tight parking lot or camping space.

This camera had decent reviews so we decided to go ahead with it for the price/value. We have had very little problems with it. The negative reviews were related to the feed cutting in and out but we have fortunately not experienced this once.

Check it out here on Amazon.

Cellular Booster:

If you are planning on working on the road, this is a must! Let’s be honest, if you even aren’t you probably are going to want to watch Netflix.

We have had such good results from our cell booster, it was definitely worth the investment. Camping in national parks, boondocking in the desert, traveling the west coast. We have been connected the ENTIRE time.

We purchased the SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 RV 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit from It came quickly and the price was the best that we found. They also carry a lot of other products that are related if you are looking for something different.

Check them out and use this link to get 5% off your order!

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