What RV is right for you? A review of our Class A

So you are in the market for an RV?! EXCITING.

Now comes the hard part. Which one? There are seriously so many options out there.

When we made the decision to jump into full time RV living, we moved pretty quickly and didn’t leave much time before we purchased our new home on wheels.

Micah grew up taking trips with his family in their class C RV so he was familiar with the different types but if you are like me, I was clueless. So here is a quick run down on the different types of vehicles or trailers you can call home:

If you are a visual learner, check out this infographic to help you narrow down your options!

Class A:

  • Those big motorhomes you see that look like tour buses. We drive one but it is small in comparison! They can range from 25-50 feet long.
  • They come with both gas & diesel engines
  • You will most likely need to tow a car if you want to drive into cities, get groceries or really do anything!

Class B:

  • Small van style vehicles
  • Although you would think the class’s would go in order this is your smallest vehicle
  • They are most likely going to be diesel engines
  • You can fit in a standard parking space but you will give you things like a shower most likely!

Class C:

  • The most distinguishing piece of a class C is the cab overhang
  • These are the easiest to drive and vary in size
  • They are usually easy to find & affordable

School bus:

  • A school bus converted into a tiny home
  • Unique option for more space & complete customizability
  • These are not made by large companies but done individually

5th wheel:

  • Very large & spacious
  • Requires large enough truck to tow
  • Unique layouts with many rooms

Travel trailer:

  • Can tow with many vehicles
  • Various sizes are available, big to small
  • Lots of layouts & options in the category

Truck Camper:

  • Requires you have the correct truck
  • Allows you to get into most spaces
  • Cost effective

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Due to space & the awesome views while driving, we wanted a class A. Traveling with two pups at 70+ lbs each we need room for kennels & sleeping space for them. We also loved the wide open views a Class A gave you. Driving across the country we wanted to soak it all in.

Pros & Cons of a Class A RV:

Pros –

  • Amazing views out of your front windows
  • Our Class A is one of the smaller ones, 28 feet, & without a tow it is pretty manageable in most places
  • Space is ample, we have two dog kennels a couch, large bathroom & a comfy bed
  • The kitchen counter space is massive for an RV
  • Our fridge is plenty big to fit what we need
  • We have an oven
  • Large windows for amazing sunlight & views

Cons –

  • Super terrible gas mileage
  • Need to tow a vehicle
  • SLOW on the road
  • Hard to get into some gas stations, parking lots etc.
  • Limited on National Park campgrounds as they have RV limits
  • Ours is old and we are feeling it! Lots of repairs

Something that I wish we would have done is rent an RV and taken a trip. It would have allowed us to get to know the Class A a bit better and see its flaws. We still may have gone with it but it would have prepared us for how our everyday would be!

A great way to do this is through RV Share. There are other options out there but they are mostly large companies renting very standard RVs. With RVShare you have many more options to test different styles of RVs and my favorite part is that most of them are personal vehicles so you get to see how others made the space their own.

Use this link for a discount when renting an RV, you won’t regret it!

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