About Us

Hi! We’re Micah & Bailey; aka Trekkers in Training.

We work, live & thrive as location independent entrepreneurs but it wasn’t always that way.

Bailey worked a standard 9-5 and Micah was busy building a digital marketing agency.

We were itching for a change so we found it!

Are you ready to design the life you’ve always wanted?

We’re here to help!

Our passions are entrepreneurship, travel & puppies!

It would be a weird day if we didn’t discuss a new business idea that we can start & manage from the road. We are always dreaming up the next opportunity whether that be managing an Airbnb, creating an eCommerce website or starting a blog! We may not follow through on all of the ideas but we have tons of knowledge!

We wanted to travel more & that just wasn’t possible with the restraints of our former life. We knew that just 3 weeks vacation wouldn’t cut it so we created a life where “vacations” happen frequently but so does work. It is a trade off we were willing to take & haven’t looked back since.

We love puppies! Who doesn’t? If we didn’t live in an RV we would probably have more. But for now we are spoiling our two boxer pups as they make the transition from city dogs to adventure seeking badass hiking dogs! They are definitely treated like humans around here and we may call each other mom & dad. (LOL)

Currently: Traveling across the western United States in our Class A Safari Trek, hence the name! 

Our goal is to share our

– experiences, failures & successes –

to help you design a life you can’t get enough of. 

Sick of the daily grind & ready to ditch the 9-5?

Learn how we make money on the road & how you can too

Just looking for travel inspiration? We have that too!

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