10 things you need in your RV

So you bought your RV, now what? There are so many items that you need in order to live in your new home that don’t come with it straight off the lot. Here are our top 10 items that we use to live on the road.

Disclaimer: this post contains Amazon affiliate links. Please see more on our Disclosures page. We only recommend products that we really love and trust!

ONE: 2 sized water hoses

A good water hose is a must but we found that having one that is smaller (click here to purchase a 10 foot hose on Amazon) and 1 that is larger (click here to purchase a 25 foot hose on Amazon) has allowed us to hook up efficiently everywhere. We can boondock at a friends and reach a hose around the side of the house or have little slack when we are hooked up at a park.

TWO: water filter

Your water source is usually going to need to be filtered. We do it twice, once as it fills into the tank and another with a Brita filter from the sink. Depending on your water intake, you will need to change the filter out every so often. Buy yours on Amazon here.

THREE: water pressure regulator

Parks, fill stations, homes all have different water pressure and a source with too high water pressure could result in some bad news for your system. This simple regulator from Amazon has worked great for us. We were in a park that had high pressure that would sometimes swell hoses and pop them & we had consistent pressure the entire time that was perfect!

FOUR: sewer hose kit

This is a necessity if you plan to use any water in your rig. A good one of these is really helpful and I can say the one we have is not great. Make sure that you are able to contract and extract the hose for different length situations. Ours no longer wants to contract and it makes for a longer dumping process. This is the one I wish we would have gotten on Amazon.

FIVE: walkie talkies

My favorite accessory by far. We use them to back into spots, turn around places, when we drive the jeep & the RV separate. The list goes on and on. Do yourself a favor and get yourselves a pair of these before ever taking off in your RV.

SIX: electricity adaptor

Depending on the amps on your rig, you will want to ensure that you are prepared to hook up to both 30 & 50 amp outlets as well as a standard house outlet if you are moochdocking at a friends or through Harvest hosts. Check out all of the versions here & make sure you have the correct ones to convert to 15, 30 & 50 amp!

SEVEN: flashlight

A good bright flashlight has saved us multiple times because we somehow end up to still try and find campsites in the dark. This flashlight is so bright and helps us drive down sketchy BLM roads in the pitch dark.  

EIGHT: gps

Micah’s favorite accessory! He hates when I manage the directions so this GPS has been great. We opted to not get the RV version as we did not think the features + the bad reviews were worth twice the cost. Check out the GPS here on Amazon. PS the refurbished option will save you money!

NINE: lighter

Most of how we cook needs a pilot lit. We forgot about this on our first trip and were pretty far from any store before we realized it. If you use propane, you will need a lighter. Get a good long one, maybe store a few!

TEN: extension cord

A good, heavy duty extension cord has saved us when boondocking near power. We have been able to run our air conditioning and several other appliances without the cord getting hot & melting, which will happen if you do not have the correct specs. Here is the cord that we have had great experience with!

Filling your RV with these ten items will get you that much closer to hitting the road!

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